Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja, lovingly called as ‘Master’, was born in Andhra Pradesh (India). At the age of 17, the sudden demise of His nephew made Him question life, death, soul, time and the very basis of creation and its workings. A decade of such sincere intellectual quest, combined with diligent practice, culminated in a profound spiritual experience at Shirdi and subsequent self realization. Thereafter, He spent the rest of His life in spreading Sai Baba’s message and teachings as the cure for all ills and evils in the individual and the society.

      ‘Mahapurushudu’, authored by Gurupatni Divyajanani Alivelu Mangamma, provides a glimpse into the life and teachings of Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja.

      Today, on the 37th Anniversary of the Divine Marriage of Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja and Divyajanani Alivelu Mangamma (March 6th, 2013), we offer free online reading and download of ‘Mahapurushudu’ on this website

      May His life and teachings, help us “blossom every moment into a better manifestation of perfection”.

Jai Sai Master !